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My name is Eliza Mitchell, and I am a software developer. I got my start as a mathematician and writer, noodling around on the side with Python and Java. Then, I took part in a fantastic bootcamp to formerly launch my career in the field.

Now, I am a developer at thoughtbot. Here, I work with a variety of languages, including Elm and Scala. I am also delving into Kafka.

In the past, I have done a lot with TypeScript, both for Node and Angular (4+). This skillset was used for presenting data at a financial company and for a machine learning / AI tool. I volunteered to build out member services for a non-profit using Ruby-on-Rails.

In my free time, I am expanding into deeper topics in Ruby as well as exploring more ways to present data. If you want to see a list of highlighted projects, check out the "Highlights" tab.

When I am not coding, I am hiking tall things very fast... or climbing tall things very slowly.

Do you want to do an open-source project with me? Reach out on Twitter!

Oh hai, Boston. EJM Photography, Copyright 2017